Çeşme, the place “where local people go”

In this post I wrote about a cool business guy who stopped us when we hitchhiked to Adapazari. One of his recommendations was to visit Çeşme and so here we are! It’s funny that only one person can change your whole travel for the next month. If we didn’t meet him, we would probably have ended up in Antalya, surrounded by thousands of other tourists.

Coming to this city, we felt this would not be the case. Luckily we came here before the main season even started and the city was really calm and we were making fun that is our holiday until we travel again.

The street of Çeşme

Historical par


We also planned to go to Greece which has an island just a few kilometers away, but in the end we decided to stay here and enjoy the atmosphere.

Renting a scooter

I’m not aware of the reason, but the prices of gasoline in Turkey are one of the highest in the world. Also renting a 125cc scooter for a day costs around 50 lira. There’s a small trick – if you rent the scooter only for 1 day (therefore 24 hours), it’s a good idea to start in the afternoon (around 3pm). You still have enough time for a trip around plus you can use the scooter also the next morning.

Living without a home

I had a Skype call with my parents and it made me think about my travel. My father asked me why I wandered for such a long time, without any home, without any goal. My family already told me I should start building my own place to live in.
These moments are always very difficult and only a few days later I found this article from Nomadic Matt — Everyone says I’m running away.

I’m not running away. I’m running towards the world and my idea of life.”

What did I learn?

There is no pattern how to live our lives. Only the society created some kind “ideal” path, which we all should follow. Go to university, find a girlfriend, get a well-paid job, buy a car and build a house, have kids. I have no interest to run in a rat race.
We are all unique and we can choose our own path. Many people say it’s very hard or almost imposible, but most of them have never even tried.

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