Pai, a small village behind mountains

While walking in Chiang Mai, we noticed several times buses heading to Pai. Hmmm… where is it? Su Ji and I, we always travel very unprepared in terms of our schedule. So we just Googled the pictures and location of this place and found out, it was just 2 hours away from Chiang Mai.scoot

Pai is a small village surrounded by mountains and since we prefer places which are not crowded, we decided to go there. The plan was to stay there for maybe 2 nights, but immediately after arriving we knew that this place was very special.



The easiest way how to get around is to get a scooter and you can rent one for a very reasonable price – starting at 100 TBH a day.
I was working a lot these days and somehow I thought, that this would be a perfect place to stay for a few months in the future as a digital nomad.



We also met Joy here, a Korean guy, who joined our travel!


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