Hi, my name is Andrej Staš and in 2014 I went to visit my brother in Taiwan. My plan was to travel in Asia for two months, but 8 weeks I will still in Taiwan. And it was much better than I expected!

I teached Taiwanese kids how to say “I love you in Slovak“.

Afterwards I went to Hong Kong for a few days and then I spent more than 2 months travelling 5500km around Japan on a small scooter. And I had another chance to visit a school and teach students how to say “Hi” in Slovak!

After Japan I got to Malaysia where I walked (almost) 43km with my backpack and got to Singapore.

One very short flight and I was in Hanoi where I rented a motorbike and saw the most beautiful sunset of my life.

Finally I got to Thailand and in Bangkok I met a lovely girl.

After 5 months of staying in Europe I hit the road again! Since May 2015 I travel again, but this time I’m not alone, since the lovely girl became my girlfriend. We started in Budapest, following Turkey where we shared a watermelon with people in a park. Amazing experience!

Next countries: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand again, Malaysia, China, Korea and Indonesia!