The adventure begins: Hello Taiwan!

Youhooooo, my first post from Asia, directly from Taiwan! I think the most important question is:

What am I doing here?!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. Though I grew up in Slovakia, I decided to study in a college in Prague, Czech Republic. So I spent 6 very nice years in this vibrant city, but after getting my university degree I felt somehow… empty. Full of questions and no plans.
‘So this is it? Should I find a job “9 to 5”, get a girlfriend and live here for another 30 years? Is this supposed to be my future?
Meanwhile, I started working on my own project called and it started to generate money for my living. I got this idea of moving to Dresden in Germany and see how things would go there.

So I moved.

The initial plan was to stay there only for three months, but eventually I’m living there already for 18 months!
And again I got the same feeling that I got in Prague.
‘So this is it? Should I stay in Germany, find a work here, have a family, buy a car, take out a loan…?’

At that time, my brother was already studying a semester in Taichung, Taiwan. Let me tell you this. I’m the oldest son! Hey, I should be in Asia first! 😀
Also, one other friend of mine spent a good three months there and he made me curious about the country and girls.

I didn’t have much time for thinking, because my brother was coming back to Slovakia soon, so if I wanted to drink a Taiwanese beer with him, I should move.

The plan

The plan is to spend 1 month in Taiwan and 1 month travelling across southeast Asia. The first two weeks I will be staying with my brother and afterwards I will start my own adventure.

I did the first step

If you are still not sure about travelling, there’s one trick. Buy the flight ticket! Everything will get so much easier! You don’t have to think about the right date anymore. You can focus on the things which you should make before your flight and you start looking forward to your trip, because it’s real.

I bought the ticket, a backpack and after one month I was ready to go. The key is to take as little as possible. On the other hand – I didn’t have any experience before, so I wasn’t quite sure what exactly would I need. Anyway, these are all my belonging now.

Ready to go to Taiwan

The hardest part

One of the hardest parts was definitely saying “bye” to my family, even though it’s only for a short time. I was lucky to be born in a happy family and my mom is always worried when I’m going somewhere “far”.
Hey, don’t worry, I will be back!


And this is my brother and me after my 18-hour flight. Feels so great to be here!!!


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