New adventures on the way: Starting in Budapest!

Dear friends!

I’m happy to announce a new series of videos, since I started a new travel in the middle of May.

What is different this time?

Last December, only a few days before my final flight back to Europe, I met an amazing girl in Bangkok. You can check the video here. I fell in love with her and now we travel together.
She already started her travel 8 months ago and still four more months for her to go till we get to Korea.
Budapest is supposed to be just a short stop before we get to Turkey.

I rebuilt my video blog and now I also want to share my experiences and stories in words and pictures.

Su Ji

What stays the same?

I’m eager to meet new people and learn from them. I’m not interested in seeing touristic attractions, but I will strive to push myself into new situations, talk with locals, and understand them as much as possible.
I want to keep making these 2-minute videos.
I travel with the same clothes, with the same backpack (around 9kg) and a better camera!

Why do I travel?

At the end of my last travel I already knew I wanted to continue, because I felt I had learned much about people and life. Later I also realized I still didn’t find my “mission” in my life, something on which I could focus.
This travel is about searching and learning.

How about Budapest?

This was my first visit in this city and only after 1 day I was thinking, “Hey, I could live here!” I met also Su Ji’s friend Changheon, a great Korean guy travelling in Europe these days, who explored the streets and monuments with us. We ran into nice Hungarian people who were willing to help us.


Next stop?

Actually, I’m already in Turkey! Soon the videos will be online and I will share my impressions.

Any feedback will be appreciated! 🙂

Andrej Staš
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