Chiang Mai Market

After 18 hours in a bus from Luang Prabang we arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A city notoriously known as a favorite spot for digital nomands. A hippie town with many artists from all branches.

Chiang Mai is a home for around 150.000 people and this is exactly the size of city I enjoy most. Not too crowded, but still having many options for leisure and plenty of services.

Especially I was looking forward to visiting the famous Saturday and Sunday Market which is held every week. Both markets are in different places, and especially the second one is really huge and it takes more than 5 hours to see EVERYTHING.

Su Ji and me

The thing which I really liked was that this market was very different from all other markets I have visited so far. To put it simply – this market has a SOUL. A number of people sell real products, which they created with their own hands, or in their own company. A lot of people were actually working on the street so you could watch them creating their masterpieces.


A 7-year-old girl singing with a perfect voice and in English.


Thai people are also great cooks and they can do miracles! Don’t be mistaken, I’m still vegetarian and this picture is here only for illustration purposes.


Many sellers were playing games on their smartphones, and I found it sometimes funny. A good way to kill time, but it also doesn’t make the best impression.


What I learned

There’s a big difference between products made in a factory and handmade products. They have soul and a story.
And in Chiang Mai market you can see many people who put their heart into what they are selling.

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